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Free Shipping On All UK Orders From £29.99
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Meal replacement shakes are designed to provide all of the nutritional value that would be found in a typical, balanced meal. Most often, they are bought in a powder form, which is mixed with water, creating a drink that is densely packed with nutrients.

There are a range of different products available in today’s market, but often meal-replacement shakes will be high in protein, dietary fibre and micronutrients. Typically the liquid form allows these nutrients to be more easily absorbed and processed, reducing any digestive irritation that could occur with some foods.

Whilst being rich in all essential macro and micro nutrient groups, a standard meal replacement shake will contain fewer calories than a regular meal serving. This makes them great for anyone looking to lose weight as it ensures that the body is nourished even when the calories are low.

Similarly, fats and carbohydrates are kept low with only naturally occurring sugars found in NutriBrio shakes. By keeping artificial sugars out, blood-sugar levels are prevented from spiking quickly. Without these bursts of sugar, you’ll feel your energy is maintained more consistently until your next meal, rather than experiencing a slump that would occur from high-sugar foods.

Aside from all the nutritional benefits, meal shakes are incredibly convenient for quick, wholesome nutrition. Simply have a serving ready to be mixed with water, or premixed for when you need it and you have a healthy, cost-effective alternative to buying food on the go.

Who Could Benefit From Meal-shakes?

The range of benefits that Meal Replacement Shakes provide make them great for almost everyone.

For people who are trying to lose weight, the high nutrient-low calorie ratio that is provided by NutriBrio shakes is perfect. Without planning, cutting calories from food may also be eliminating some essentials from your diet, potentially leading to other problems. Using meal shakes will prevent this from occurring, meaning that you can maintain a healthy diet whilst reducing the amount of calories consumed.

Along with this, the slow-release of energy will mean that you feel satisfied for longer. Of course, cravings for snacks will be reduced, further aiding in weight-loss programmes.

For those constantly on the go with busy schedules, meal shakes are incredibly convenient. They can be consumed whilst on the move, in the office or on public transport where you might not be able to eat something else. Having a serving handy will mean you always have something wholesome ready when you need it, even in your busiest part of the day!

For many people, they feel that cooking food at the end of a long day is out of the question so resort to buying food during their commute. Not only are there more unhealthy fast-food options out there, but it is also an expensive habit to have. Again, nutritional shakes like those from NutriBrio offer a great alternative that is not only healthy, but easier on your pockets too.

Fitness enthusiasts out there have long been advocates of protein supplements and shakes, although some iterations are designed for maximum muscle gain without much regard to the overall ‘healthiness’. A meal-replacement shake can be a great option for the gymgoer looking for a good supplement to their fitness programme. NutriBrio products contain high levels of quality protein, alongside micronutrients and without artificial additions and GMO products. This makes for a clean, effective supplement; protein will be more readily utilized in the recovery process thanks to the easily-digestible micronutrient-rich formula. The low-fat percentage also makes our shakes perfect for reducing body fat and remaining lean.

Almost all of the NutriBrio shakes on offer are suitable for vegan diets too and are derived from plant-based sources. Vegan diets sometimes do not contain enough protein, or enough variety of amino acids to make up complete proteins. Again, NutriBrio can help to provide a great protein source for people on vegan and vegetarian diets. For example, the Pea-Nutri Shake is rich in proteins along with fibre and added herbs that combine to create an easily digestible source of plant-based goodness.

All of the NutriBrio range contain no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs); no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours; no hormones; and are also gluten-free. We offer a range of dairy-free options too, suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. Where dairy products are used (such as in the Whey Protein Powder), NutriBrio ensure only the highest-quality, hormone-free milk from EU and British cows is used.

To view the complete NutriBrio range of Meal Replacement and supplement shakes, click here:

Please note that meal-replacement shakes should be consumed as a part of a healthy, balanced diet and should not be the sole source of nutrition in any diet.


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