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Free Shipping On All UK Orders From £29.99
Why Choose NutriC?

Why Choose NutriC?

We all need a staple diet of vitamins and minerals. Otherwise, how are we ever going to get through the day? One of the most important vitamins is, of course, vitamin C. Our popular NutriC food form supplement will offer you a quick and easy way to top up on the vitamin and more besides.

But why else should you think about investing in NutriC? Not only is it a great, convenient way to make sure you are getting enough vitamin C in addition to nutrients from your daily diet, it is packed full of a variety of other essential nutrients and minerals, as well as pectins, oils, carotenoids, antioxidants and more besides.

It’s a real powerhouse of a food form supplement! But before you go ahead and try the supplement, let’s dig a little deeper into the benefits.


Why Take NutriC?

NutriC’s unique blend of rich, yet gentle and natural nutrients help to offer a huge array of benefits to everyday people. While not a substitute for a healthy diet outright, NutriC’s stacks of nutritional fortitude will help to give you more than a little bit of a boost to your intake. It’s free from ascorbic acid, too, which means it should settle comfortably without any concern for upset stomachs or digestive complaints.

NutriC’s natural combination of synthesised vitamin C with all its crucial co-vitamins and nutrients really helps you to get the most out of your supplement. The blend built into each NutriC capsule is designed to be easier absorbed into your body than other supplements, meaning that you will be able to benefit from the health boosts quicker than with many other capsules and powders. What’s more, it is designed to support those people who may have difficulty taking citrus-based capsules and vitamin supplements.


What Are Some of the Ingredients?

Naturally, a food form supplement such as NutriC is packed with natural bits and pieces to help make up its fantastic health properties. Some of the ingredients in the combination, working in tandem with vitamin C, include:

Rosehip, which is a wonderful fruity extract that’s full of vitamin C. It is also a great source of energy-boosting bioflavonoids. What’s more, the vitamin C levels in rosehip may help to reduce joint aches. Therefore, it is a popular extract with people who may suffer from osteoarthritis.

Acerola cherry, which is another fantastic source of vitamin C. This fruit is thought to offer 30x more vitamin C than oranges at the same weight. There are thought to be around 150 different nutritional constituents in an acerola cherry, making it a brilliant superfood of sorts. It’s the perfect addition to NutriC.

You’ll also find that NutriC contains blackcurrant. Already a popular fruit juice flavour, blackcurrant has amazing properties as far as vitamin C is concerned, however, it is also a source brimming with iron, potassium, vitamin E and more. In addition to this, it’s also said to be a great booster for energy levels, and it may even help to prevent inflammation and certain infections in the body.

Elderberries are also included in the combination. Elderberry is a wonderful resource for vitamins A, B and C. They are fantastic at helping to fight colds and other bugs, and therefore have a firm place in any supplement or combination aiming to boost immunity or body strength response. Elderberries’ antioxidant properties will also help in this respect, and they may even help to improve your heart’s health.

NutriC also contains extracts of parsley leaf, which, again, is full of antioxidants. It’s a great source of vitamins A, C and E, and plenty of phyto-nutrients. Parsley in its raw form, as well as in a juice, is very healthy for your blood. It helps to ensure that your vessels and veins continue to perform as you expect them to, and that you are at lower risk of developing kidney stones and other harmful deposits.

As you can see, there really is plenty of goodness that gets packed into NutriC – and we’re proud to offer so much of it to you right now. There are plenty more brilliant supplements in our online store – however, if you are looking for a great catch-all supplement which is easy to take and which won’t aggravate your system, there are few better options out there right now!


What Are the Overall Benefits of Taking NutriC?

If the above information about fruits and nutrients hasn’t whet your appetite enough, let’s take a further look at the supplement’s full potential.               NutriC is a food form supplement which is easily absorbed, making it a quicker-acting, longer-lasting supplement than many others. However, it also carries many over-reaching benefits which you would otherwise need to find through multiple supplements at once.

For example, taking NutriC regularly could help you to maintain a healthy heart and cholesterol levels. What’s more, the level of vitamin C packed into the combination will give you a massive boost to your immunity! There may be no better way to prevent colds and flus taking hold.

It’s also hugely beneficial to your energy levels. The gentle blend of energy-boosting fruits and nutrients are perfect at giving you that little bit of an extra pick-me-up. Rather than depend on sugary, artificial energy drinks, you may wish to look for something a little more natural. Why not?

NutriC is also fantastic for helping to maintain healthy bones, and it will even help to form collagen. Therefore, it is likely to be a great support to anyone looking to stay young-looking and supple for many years to come.


Should I Take NutriC?

Why not? Providing you read the label, and our full instructions and guidance, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t make the most of this fantastic vitamin C combination. It’s one of our favourite products, and it also remains one of our most popular. Why not get in and take a look at what all the fuss is about? Buy NutriC now from our online store and reach out to us if you need any further help or advice.



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