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Free Shipping On All UK Orders From £29.99
Free Shipping On All UK Orders From £29.99

Krill Oil-500: Sustainably sourced, fantastic aid for those maintaining their blood sugar levels


Krill Oil Comes From Krill – Tiny Shrimp-Like Creatures That Live In Very Cold Ocean Waters.

NOT suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Sustainably sourced, Krill Oil 500 is one of our landmark products for anyone looking to bring more fatty acids into their diet.  Omega 3 acids are superb for helping to lower cholesterol and for helping to support heart conditions.  Krill Oil 500 is also fantastic for helping to maintain a healthy nervous system and may even help to support people suffering from liver conditions and ailments.

Our Krill Oil 500 supplement is a fantastic aid for those maintaining their blood sugar levels, as well as for people who want to boost their memory and cognitive function.  Krill oil is also superb for helping to improve vision and to enhance skin health and wellbeing.

Krill Oil 500 also contains astaxanthin, which is a dependable antioxidant that helps to fight against nasty free radicals.  All manner of intrusive factors could damage our cells – but with enough antioxidants in our system, we can easily fight back against such issues.

Krill Oil 500 is a daily supplement which won’t carry an unpleasant aftertaste or leave a fishy smell.  It is easy to digest and therefore helps our bodies to 'accept' the nutrients included.  It is one of our most popular supplements for a good reason – you can rely on it to keep your mind sharp, and your body fighting fit!

Few supplements help brain function, blood sugar and immune systems in equal measure.  Krill Oil 500 is easy to take and can even help to fight back against the signs of ageing.

Our Krill Oil 500 supplements are made in the UK.

60 capsules per pot

Per 715mg gelatin capsule:
500mg Krill oil (Superba)

Of which…
Total Phospholipids (of which Phosphatidyl Choline 150mg, of which Choline 25mg) – 200mg
Omega 3 (of which EPA 60mg, DHA 27.5mg) – 110mg
Astaxanthin – 50mcg

Ingredients: Krill Oil (Euphausia Superba) Extract (Crustacean), Capsule Shell (Bovine Gelatin), glycerol, water.

ALLERGY ADVICE: for allergens, see ingredients in bold.

1 – 2 capsules to be taken per day, or as advised by a health practitioner.

ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains (Crustacean), Not suitable for persons with an allergy to fish or shellfish. 

People with coagulopathy or taking blood thinning medication should consult their doctor before use.

Not intended for use by pregnant or lactating mothers.

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